Born and raised in north California just 30 minutes away from the capital, my life started with a lot of time on my hands. Being homeschooled gave me the chance to really focus on my art and allow more time for gaming. Young and un-experienced I learned all of my creativity from video games, cartoons and animated films. Never would I have thought that I would be going into the gaming industry. 
             Age thirteen with Adobe ImageReady at hand I began animating small meaningful animated gifs. I was often influenced by Flash animation and as soon as I owned my own copy of Flash I started to further my skills. I wanted to be an animator, it was the field my sister was going into and something I enjoyed doing. I was always inspired by Disney’s animated movies and Studio Ghibli. But after getting “The Art of Halo” my interests quickly shifted to concept art.
            On a social and role-play community game is where I began doing freelance art at the age of 14. I’ve learned the ups and downs of business at a young age and it has helped me become a better artist. I have continued to do work within the community, only to become one of the well known artists on the game. I am recognized for getting things done on time, quality work, and having a friendly and professional attitude.
            I found out about Laguna College of Art and Design from my sister who started attending it. At that time the Game Art major had barely started but by the time I graduated high school it was up and running. In the fall 2009 I was enrolled in the Game Art program. I soon realized that my heart was in 3D. I graduated in 2013 and the fallowing summer I received an internship that ultimately landed me a job at Blizzard Entertainment!
            My focus is to keep growing as an artist and to share my knowledge with others!